Adventures of Floyd 
the Brave Hornet

“Adventures of Floyd: The Brave Hornet” 
is a wonderful book for children ages 3 to 8 years old. The illustrator Sudipta Steve Dasgupta did an awesome job capturing the eye of the readers using colorful illustrations, and vivid expressions of each character and scene. Author Kenise Taylor really has a way with words by using a musical rhyming scheme throughout the entire book which she admits she received help from her spouse who is CEO of MilliUP LLC and works with music daily. “It is always good to bounce ideas off different people when writing. I mean, I even asked my son for help when creating Floyd, he was only 7 years old at the time and gave me some great pointers.” 

“My grandson want to keep looking at the pictures and reading over and over. Great little book!”
– Evelyn E.
 “Very impressed. This will make a great gift for any kid and any occasion.”
– Phillip
Let’s Have Fun!!!
The photos are packed with magic and each page leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen next, is Floyd okay? Will he make it home safe? A series of nail biting text for teachers, parents and kids to enjoy reading. Read this book to your little ones and/or let them look at the colorful pictures. I believe “The Adventures of Floyd” series is “THE” house hold name that will continue to entertain kids for years and years to come.
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